Figgjo’s products are made from vitreous porcelain, a type of porcelain especially developed for professional use. The porcelain body is strengthened with aluminium oxide, which makes the products especially strong and resistant to intensive use in a professional kitchen.

We only use environmentally friendly materials, and recycle production body throughout the process. After firing the waste products are recycled as landfill, and we clean the air and water used in the production.

Figgjo porcelain is tested for lead, cadmium and barium release in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the EU and Norway, all results are far below the requirements. This applies to both glaze and colours.

All Figgjo products are 100% environmentally friendly and contain no environmentally harmful materials. Therefore, they do not need to be sorted or disposed of as hazardous waste.


Quality is a high priority at Figgjo and we control all products carefully. That is how we can have a five year edge chip warranty on all round and flat products, with the exception of Figgjo Front Dining.

Oven and microwave

All Figgjo porcelain can be used in ovens up to 300 degrees C, with slow and steady rise and fall in temperature. Gold and platinum decorated porcelain must not be used in the microwave.


Porcelain from Figgjo has a smooth surface that is easy to clean, the right dosage of detergent ensures that the porcelain stays nicely over time. By using a rinsing agent, you can reduce the surface friction of the porcelain and also the glaze wear an tear.


Figgjo porcelain is 100% natural and guaranteed lead-free. Vitro porcelain is a non-porous material and therefore does not absorb dirt or bacteria.