Changing Tables

Figgjo is a trend-setting porcelain manufacturer for the professional kitchen known for its high level of innovation, which has been recognised by numerous design awards in both Norway and abroad. Figgjo’s products are found in prestigious hotels and restaurants, cafeterias and institutions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Figgjo’s products are sold through collaborating distributors in over 30 countries.

Figgjo’s products are developed so that they can be combined with each other. Put together a unique solution based on your formal and functional requirements. By adding new products you create new experiences at the table – Add some Spice.

We are situated at Figgjo outside Stavanger, and here modern industrial production and traditional craftsmanship are combined to create high-quality, exciting products. All Figgjo’s products are created from vitro porcelain and are therefore especially strong. Manual quality checks and sorting after each firing gives our customers first class products.

Figgjo is a proud sponsor of the National Culinary Teams in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary and Italy. We also sponsor a range of culinary competitions in Norway and internationally, as well as the Nordisk Kjøkkenchef Federation and WACS – World Association of Chefs Societies.

Figgjo launches new products twice a year. We protect our products through international design registration.