New products

New products


Plates with a silk matt surface!

Figgjo kicks off the year by expanding two product ranges. The plates in the Figgjo Grad series can now be ordered with a silk matt rim, thanks to a unique surface treatment method. In addition, the popular Figgjo Base range has been expanded with three new products.  


Figgjo Grad Silk Matt


Figgjo Grad, designed by Olav Joa, is an elegant and timeless series used for everything from trend-setting restaurants and bistros to banquets. Now Figgjo offers matt rims on selected plates in the series. 


A unique surface treatment method gives a fascinating contrast between the smooth, glazed eating surface and the silk matt rim. The plate is given a distinct, elegant and "soft" look, and a distinctive appearance that is particularly suitable for fine dining. 

Figgjo Grad Silk Matt has also been tested at the Galvin Bistro de Luxe in London. Head Chef Tom Duffill says:

"Fantastic plates for arranging a delicious first course, an inviting main course – or even a dessert. It keeps the dish warm and is strong, which is always important in a busy restaurant, where the plates have to work as hard as the staff!"

Matt rims are available on five selected plates, in the Figgjo Grad series. Figgjo Grad Silk Matt is perfect in combination with regular glazed porcelain, preferably from the same series.


Figgjo Base

Figgjo Base consists of informal and generously-sized plates and cups, honest and genuine in their simplicity. Together they form a base for the chef, who can let large and rough dishes fill the surfaces - or provide air to more refined dishes. We have now expanded the series with two new deep plates and a cup.

Most products in Figgjo Base are delivered in the following decors: Figgjo Skygge, Flom, Strøk and Dryss.


Figgjo Bowl

We are expanding our buffet range with a new classik and elegant bowl, wich holds 300 cl.