The logo is made up of a symbol, the Figgjo signature and the signature subtitle containing the word Norway. The Figgjo symbol consists of two shapes that were carried on from previous logos. These shapes represent earth and water, the two most important elements found in clay. The interaction between these two shapes may also be associated with the interaction between two parties, being Figgjo and Figgjo's cooperating partners.

Figgjo Logo Farge, .png (400x400px)

Figgjo Logo Negativ, .png (400x400px)

In order to maintain recognition and to build a stronger brand name, Figgjo's logo must always appear as shown below.

There are two variants of the logo - one being positive (in color) and one negative. The colour on the upper shape and the Figgjo signature should be PMS 548. The lower shape and the signature subtitle Norway should be PMS 549. The construction and the proportions of this logo must never be altered. Text or disturbing elements must never be placed within the field behind the logo. Always use the original logos from the web page, or contact Christian, Figgjo's marketing manager.