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Porcelain for all

Figgjo Capri consists of a selection of vivid color combinations*. Two stripes are applied by steady hands to create a strong border around the eating surface. For some, this is proved to make it easier to concentrate on the food and focus purely on the nutritional part of the dining experience. The different color combinations can be used together in a strong, colorful mix, or on their own – according to customer needs.

Product of the year

Figgjo Capri was awarded Product of the Year 2020 by the Federation of Norwegian Industries for its functional capabilities in the health sector.

Porcelain for all

A study* made together with the University of Stavanger, show that people with dementia are more likely to finish their meal when dinner is served on a white plate with a yellow lip and a red rim. Who would have known? We now deliver these exact plates to nursing homes around the world.

*Hansen, K. V., Frøiland, C. T., & Testad, I. (2018). Porcelain for All – a nursing home study. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 31(4), 662-675

Figgjo Capri

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