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  • Logo

    There are three variants of the logo - one being positive (in color), one in black and one negative. The color on the upper shape and the Figgjo signature should be PMS 548. The lower shape should be PMS 549. The construction and the proportions of this logo must never be altered. Text or disturbing elements must never be placed within the field behind the logo. Always use the original logos from this web page, or contact Christian, Figgjo's marketing manager.

  • Photos

    Figgjos standard picture bank contains product pictures and inspirational pictures as well as concept images for canteens/institutions, hotel/restaurants, buffet and banquets. The pictures will mainly support the Figgjo profile in all printed materials where photo use is relevant.

  • Catalogs

    Our F-O catalog contains all our products. This catalog is a great presentation of our brand and our products. The F-O catalogue can be downloaded here on this page, and if you need a hard copy version please contact our marketing manager Christian.

  • Press

  • Figgjo colour palette

    Figgjo works continuously with the development and maintenance of our ceramic colour palette. Our sellers will inform you if – for some reason – we can not deliver the color you desire.

  • Certificates

    Figgjo takes quality and environmental management seriously with consistently maintaining certified systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 5001.

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