Serving the environment

For us, sustainability is never an afterthought; it is ingrained in everything we do.


We make our products using only the finest natural materials, without harmful substances. Figgjo vitro porcelain is a modern handicraft on an industrial scale with designs that cater to the senses, that last, that inspire. Each item serves a specific purpose – keeping them in use, year after year.

*Vitro porcelain, also known as “hotel china”, is primarily made of kaolin and quartz. Corundum, the second-hardest mineral in the world, is added to increase strength and durability. Developed in the US, this enhanced tableware has significantly reduced plate breakage in the hospitality industry.


Figgjo is dedicated to quality and environmental management, consistently maintaining certified ISO systems.

ISO9001 and 14001 is the international standard for managing the company’s quality and environmental aspects. The certification sets requirements to optimize resources and minimize environmental impacts such as waste reduction, efficient resource consumption, and reduced emissions. It also ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations, which helps to build trust with customers in a market that values green initiatives.

Figgjo also holds the ISO50001 certification for maintaining an energy management system. For us, it makes sense to integrate energy management into our overall efforts to improve quality and reduce our environmental footprint.

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