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Figgjo Fade

When we think of food, we tend to think of the tastes, the aromas, and the memories of special times celebrated. We want Fade to enhance all those feelings.

Rooted in nature

Fade explores different emotions and stories through a plate series of two-colour combinations. Shades of red, blue, and brown rooted in nature and food, encouraging a joyous and optimistic vibe around the table. Colours that are manifesting as stand-out statements; bold, full of wit and inclusive of all. And as a bonus, they complement several of our existing decors.

Slowly crafted

It fades in a stunning way. Think of the time of the day just before the sun sets or after it rises, when the light is redder and softer than usual so that photographs taken in it have a pleasing quality. There’s nothing like it. Truly the Golden hour.

Each plate is unique and feels like a work of art. Slowly crafted by our Makers. Just like the sunset sky, you simply cannot get the same Fade twice.

Combine Fade with bowls from the Pax Spray series in the same colours to make a set, or use them as stand-alone pieces to spice up the table setting.

More images

For more inspirational images of the Figgjo Fade collection, please visit our digital image bank.

Figgjo Fade

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