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A good question for you to be asking right now is: How can I use Figgjo’s digital workspace to help me choose the right tableware consept?

Well, here are three ways:


Who doesn’t love a good mood board? Mood boards can serve many purposes, starting with organising the inspiration around a project.

They can be a valuable resource throughout any design project, to help keep style and aesthetics consistent and on track with your expectations.

It can also ensure that you and the design team are all on the same page when working on a project together.


We’ll walk you through the basics of Figgjo to get you started, and give some valuable tips along the way. We are a small team of people with passion and who care. And – we’d love to hear your ideas. A strong team will achieve much more than a team of strong individuals ever will. And – it’s ok to disagree on stuff. That’s how great stuff happens.

Inspiration and presentation

We present tailor-made concepts and personalised product recommendations for your project.

We also share upcoming launches, customer success stories and make plans for when to launch your products.

In our latest film, you get the opportunity to go on a virtual factory tour to learn more about our production and to get a feel of the place.

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Our digital workspace is available for concept presentations, virtual coffee chats about porcelain – and everything in between.


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