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Figgjo Oslo collection is a family of products that captures and challenges coffee trends. The products allow you to communicate and tailor the experience of the coffee’s aroma in a new and exciting way.

The products have been developed together with Tim Wendelboe*, one of the top baristas in the world. “The new coffee cups from Figgjo completely change the coffee experience. By using the three different cups I am able to emphasize each individual coffee’s unique flavors and intensify my guests’ tasting experience” – Tim

A new Standard

The distinctive shape and function of the coffee cups have become a new standard in coffee tasting and is today a renowned tool within the barista community.

Heighten the flavor

The new coffee concept consists of three cups and a pot, which replace the traditional cup. The three special cups, heighten the flavor of the coffee each in their own way and all hold 20 cl.

Designed by Kristin Ihlen together with Tim Wendelboe.

Download and read more about the products here.

*Tim Wendelboe is a coffee roastery, espresso bar, and coffee school focusing on importing the very best coffees and teaching their customers why some coffees are better than others. Tim is also World Barista Champion (2004) & World Cup Tasting Champion (2005).

Figgjo Oslo

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