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In collaboration with Oslo-based designers Skogstad & Wærnes, we at Figgjo have developed a series of oval plates. Frame comes in three different sizes and is a useful alternative or supplement to the traditional, round shape.

We have been missing oval offerings in our catalogue, and Skogstad & Wærnes have helped us develop a design that we perceive as elegant, delicate and calm. The absence of a traditional plate foot means that Frame sits firmly on the table, while the soft, natural lines leave an almost floating aesthetic impression. To achieve a harmonious yet dynamic interplay, we have chosen a somewhat different scaling for the three sizes offered.

Designer Fredrik Wærnes explains:

– We have long been fascinated by the oval shape and have drawn inspiration from its use in modern art and design. With Frame, we have chosen a soft, organic silhouette with flowing and enveloping lines. The plates have a subtle form that focuses on the most important details. Frame can complement any dining environment and work seamlessly with other Figgjo products.

In addition to its striking design, Frame also has practical advantages. Oval plates usually take up less room, both in terms of stacking and the space they occupy on the tabletop.

Also, certain dishes lend themselves naturally to oval dining surfaces. Just think of classic bistro fares with two juxtaposed elements, such as fish & chips or entrecôte with fries. Oval also pairs well with round and square shapes if you want to vary the presentation by playing with the geometry.

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship at Figgjo, and Frame is no exception in this regard: the glaze is highly scratch-resistant and helps avoid edge nicks.

Frame is produced in the same material as our other series, namely high-quality vitro porcelain that can withstand many years of intensive use. Our goal has been to create a series of plates that will remain relevant and beautiful for decades to come.

Bon appétit!

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Figgjo Frame

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