Figgjo Series

Figgjo Tri

Geometric, yet organic

With the desire to create a set that is particularly suitable for buffet dining, we came up with a unique shape that spices up the table setting.

Figgjo Tri is based on an equilateral triangle where the corners have been given a soft rounding and the curvature between the surface and tab is generous and open around the entire shape. As a result, the trays are left with a geometric, yet soft and friendly expression.

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Blending in

Because of its rounded curves, these serving trays accompany well with most other products found in Figgjo’s range, especially round bowls and dishes that complement the organic look.

Three serving platters

This collection is made up of three serving platters in different sizes, the word ’tri’ being a nod to the local Figgjo dialect’s way of saying the number 3.

The largest serving tray in the set is perfect for sizeable pasta dishes or salads presented in a buffet. At the same time, a middle-size version allows you to combine several of the shapes and vary the size accordingly. The smallest of the three can be used both for serving or as a half-deep bistro plate.

Figgjo Tri

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