New decor

Figgjo Ela

After months of inspections, colour sampling, and importantly, dishwasher resistance testing, Figgjo Ela is ready.

Nature does it best

Meet Figgjo Ela. Our new versatile decor with a muted colour scheme and a natural pattern. Decorated on one of our most requested collections, Figgjo Base.

The same beautiful vitreous porcelain body and the same durability.

But in a soft colour palette. Think of oatmeal, sand, unripe olives and sunsets.

+ Figgjo Ela collection page

We played with several colours for this decor before settling on the final three: A soft pink, a natural seagrass green and a light taupe.

The sand grain pattern sprayed on top dots the i’s. (Literally.)

The colours compliment the porcelains clean lines, it is striking enough to catch the eye but subtle enough that it could be an everyday tableware for the right eatery.

It’s aesthetically pleasing but rooted in function.

Made at Figgjo

At Figgjo, we don’t follow the trends so what you see in our collection is going to be around for a while.

Our website has been updated and Figgjo Ela is now live for browsing, complete with dimensions and photography of all three colours.

Any thoughts?

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