Tilt stoneware

Natural as a nod

Beautiful stoneware on the outside. And the inside.


Crafted from durable Eco-Gres®, the Tilt Collection is glazed in semi-matte black on the interior and left raw on the exterior, complementing our high-quality Norwegian porcelain perfectly. A 100 % eco-friendly clay made into seven stunning, black tabletop accessories, which makes it even easier for us to create a personal expression for your project.

Designed by the Oslo based design studio Anderssen & Voll, Tilt is a tableware collection that brings the warmth and beautiful simplicity of stoneware to the table. The combination of raw stoneware and glazed porcelain creates a strong visual contrast, bringing a modern and elegant expression to any table setting.

The details matter

Tilt is – as the name suggests – a reference to the nodding shape of the two jugs, where the top falls slightly towards the spout. A circular bottom changes to an elliptical top where the spout terminates in a pointed ellipse on one side. You will find the same familiar bending curvature on the edge of the bowls and plates.

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