Furo collection

A minimalist approach

An appreciation of Japanese culture and it’s impact on our latest design, the Furo collection.

With its clean, curved lines, Furo represents the essence of both Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It’s a natural hybrid between two cultures that privilege minimalism and tranquility. A merging of two historic less-is-more cultures.

The collection consists of nine products: six plates which are flat to the edge, two bowls and one deep plate; the last three with a *Horimono-inspired relief carving.

It adds elegance – a tactile pattern which we love. The Japanese people hold this tradition dear, cherishing its significance. Handcrafted right here, at Figgjo, the Furo relief is a testament to the art of wood carving.

*Horimono is a general term referring to relief or semi-relief wood carving. Its decorative flair is traditionally used for ranma (the Japanese name for transoms), door panels and temple fittings.

Furo is made on our most efficient machine, the isostatic powder press. This press enables fully automated shaping of ceramic tableware, making it possible to produce even shapes with considerable demands on function and design in large quantities – in a cost-efficient way – without compromising quality.

Designed by woodworker Morten Engebretsen, the line of products merges the functions and aesthetics we look for in modern tableware with an age-old traditional wood carving relief.

The expression on Furo is stripped down to the bare minimum to serve as a blank canvas for the chefs, encouraging creativity and curiosity. The products can be easily stacked for efficient storage and transportation.

Click the image to view the Furo brochure.

The expression on Furo is stripped down to the bare minimum to serve as a blank canvas for the chefs – encouraging creativity and curiosity.

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